Please ensure you read this guide before uploading images. All images on the wiki can be viewed under Category: Photos.

Quality Edit

  • Ensure all images uploaded are high quality. If you cannot locate a high quality version please post a request on the forum.
  • Do not upload images with watermarks or logos from other websites or fansites. Freeform or ABC Family logos are ok.
  • Do not upload stretched, resized or blurry images.
  • Featured images should be high quality non-personal photos (official promotional images, professional photoshoots or portraits are preferred).

Categories Edit

All images added to the Shadowhunters: The Mortal Instruments Wiki must be assigned to one of the listed categories.

Add A Category Edit

To add an image to a category:

  • Visit the Images page, right click the image and open it in a new window or tab.
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page.
  • Under Categories add one of the listed categories below and then press save.

Cast Photos

  • For featured and gallery photos used on Cast pages

Character Photos

  • For featured and gallery photos used on Character pages.

Crew Photos

  • For featured and gallery photos used on Crew pages

Episode Photos

  • For featured and gallery photos used on Episode pages

Location Photos

  • For featured and gallery photos used on Location pages

Season Photos

  • For featured and gallery photos used on Season pages


  • For miscellaneous items only

Size Edit

Featured Edit

  • 300 x 348

Slider Edit

  • 670 x 360

Gallery Edit

  • Stills - High quality, logofree
  • Screencaps - High quality

Promotional Images Edit

  • High quality, logofree

Title Edit

Please ensure you name images appropriately. If you are unsure what to name an image please check the gallery for related images and name similar for consistency.

General Edit

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Main Page Edit

If you would like an image added to the main page please ensure the image meets the quality and size requirements. Please use the naming instructions below and then post on the Forum stating the image name, where you would like it added to the main page and the reason.